Tom Driscoll Writing

From Tom Driscoll’s recently published ‘April: 30 Poems

Gravity was everywhere then

Remember my panicked messages
how the hands of the clock had slowed
and my theory of planetary physics
had it that we’d soon be floating

off the earth’s surface and into the void:
startled ruminants, automobiles, lake water
and its fishes, ribbons, lawn furniture,
children stepping from their school bus,

the bus. I wanted you to know I was thinking
of you, even as we might drift toward different
quadrants of the galaxy. Your replies always tender,
calm. We’ve since learned how different lives can move

different speeds, that this is true almost all the time.
It is only in those heavier times we together mark
that force that holds our feet to the planet.
My love, I’m so thankful, sometimes it’s all I can bear.